Most Popular Products on BigCommerce
Feb 5, 2023

Most Popular Products on BigCommerce

Let's talk about the best sellers in your store! You can show or not show the most popular products in your store and in this video I show you how.

Hey guys, are you looking for the big commerce most popular products feed on your homepage? Let's talk about that today. Before we get started, my name is Kal, I'm a developer on big commerce as well as a store owner just like you. And let me share my screen. And let's talk about most popular products. Now, I'm going to go into the code here for Cornerstone clean just to show you guys that when you get your, when you get your store, when you get your Cornerstone set up, assuming that you're going to be on Cornerstone, there are three feeds here, on your homepage, the Featured Products feed the top sellers feed, and then the new products feed. And what we're going to talk about today is basically what Bigcommerce calls.

Top Sellers, usually is referred to as most popular products on most people's websites. But there are basically three feeds here that are built to show up on your store. And if I click into the customizer and click on the little theme styles, art palette looking thing. This is base cornerstone, I haven't done anything to it. And you can see that featured products are shown here and new products are showing here. If I go to the homepage tab, and scroll down to the products, though, you can see it says number of featured products for number of most popular products for again, that's a top sellers feed, and number of new products also for so if they're all set to sell if they're also at the show, why aren't they showing on my theme? And the answer is this is not a live store. I haven't actually sold any product on the store. Because this is just the sandbox I used to show you guys in these videos.

So I have not sold a single product even though I have products loaded in here. So if if all of them have sold exactly zero times, there is no top seller yet. As soon as I sold one item through here, even if it was a test purchase, then it would actually become the top seller in my store and then it would show up. So if you guys are not seeing it on your store, and you're wondering why that's why it is, if you are seeing it on your store, you can use these settings in here to change the number of the number of top sellers that show but you know, something to know is that while you can have top sellers stream in here, it's literally going to pull the top sellers, the top sellers, most popular whatever you want to call it, you have no control over which ones that is. So if you you know if you're selling cars, but your top seller is a replacement doorknob, and you're gonna, it's gonna say your top seller is a doorknob, you know, you have no control over it.

Because it's literally just the top sellers. And so you know, there's pros and cons, the pros of using it is it's there automatically, you don't have to do anything, it's there, you know, the con is you don't control it at all. But one thing you could do is consider not using it at all. And coming in here to the customizer, and using this product set widget to pick out the products that you want to say are your top sellers. And I don't care if they are your top sellers or not. But you can just come in here and you know, pick out you know, pick out a couple products and be like, here's my you know, here's my top sellers, right? Just kind of pick out one more. So here are my top sellers, like who's gonna know. And then I can come in here and either choose the text widget or get my header widget from page builder widgets, my app, I like this a little bit better because I can make this be an h2.

And all I got to do is say most popular, you know or whatever. And then make that an h2 on top sellers, so this is kind of nicer because now I have full control over what I present to the world as my top sellers. And really what we're trying to do here is get people to buy them, you know, so it doesn't really matter to me, which ones are actually my top sellers. What matters to me is what I what I'm showing people, you know, because I'm trying to get them to buy. So that's a little bit about the popular products. Hopefully that explains why they may not be showing up in your store. Hopefully you understand now that you know if you're trying to control which ones show up there, you know that you don't and so you might just use the the widgets method instead. Hope you guys do check out my widget page builder widgets and the big commerce App Store gives you lots of extra widgets like this heading and leave me a comment let me know what you guys are stuck on. You know, I may Can these videos to help you guys out I've been doing this for so long trying to get back so let me know what you guys are stuck on and if you need help with your store reach out to me at Epic design labs love to hear from you see you the next one