Remove Powered by BigCommerce Link
Feb 5, 2023

Remove Powered by BigCommerce Link

How do I remove the "Powered By Big Commerce" that appears at the bottom of the page? Easy! In most themes, you can do that by going to Storefront + My Themes + Customize. Usually, the option to hide that is in the Footer section of the Customize menu.

Video Transcript:
(Remove Powered by BigCommerce Link)

Hey there you guys trying to remove the Power BI big commerce link at the bottom of your site? Let me show you how to do that. So real quick this is, let me let me actually share my screen. Okay. So this one we're looking at right here Power BI big commerce. And you're in like this is really easy one to do. You just go to storefront themes, click customize to go into the customizer.

And then this is assuming that you're on. Cornerstone theme. If you're on a different theme, it might technically be a little bit different. And if they don't have this option on your theme, then you might even have to go into the code or you CSS but you know most people are using cornerstone. So let me show you just come in here to this theme styles. click on Header and Footer and right down here and just scroll down to it so we can see it happened.

Show powered by big commerce. You can uncheck that. And it'll refresh and you can see that it is gone. And you just got to click Publish up here at the top and that's it customizer super, super easy. So this was a quick and easy one. Leave me a comment let me know what you guys are stuck on. And if you need a developer for your store, reach out to me at Epic design My name is Kal and I'll see you guys on the next one.