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Page Builder Fields In Raw HTML BigCommerce Page Template

Kal Wiggins

By Kal wiggins


Jan 14,2023, 11:18 PM| Updated 449 days ago

Jan 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered if you can use PAGE BUILDER fields in a raw HTML BigCommerce Page template?  ✔️ The answer is YES!  In this video tutorial you'll learn how to make a page using the BC page builder fields, but by utilizing raw HTML.

Why would someone even want to mess around with building a BigCommerce page by using raw HTML inside of the BigCommerce Page Builder vs. just adding another template page to your site? There are a few reasons, but in this video, I talk about a tactic that I've used for my stores and that's to accommodate & track email campaigns.

Because I want my email and subsequent "thank you" page to be simple, without my usual store/website headers & footers, I deploy this method. Learn how to do this for your BigCommerce store.

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